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Fiskars 9301: 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner Review

Fiskars is a Home & Garden and Outdoors company based in Finland. Founded in 1649, it has become a trusted name for hand tools in over 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America. The company posted over $700 Million in sales for 2013.


Fiskars Power Lever Tree Pruner 

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Features and Pricing

Suggested Retail Price on this 14 Foot Power Lever Pruner is $79.99, but it can be found for less in most retail stores. Even at the SRP, it is still an incredible value. The pruning tool is dual-action with a cutting force that slices through tree limbs up to 1- 1/8 inch thick on just one pull of the guide rope. The saw is a corrosion-resistant, non-stick, 15 inch blade that makes quick work of larger limbs. Both tools are mounted on an adjustable, fiberglass pole that telescopes out to 14 feet and easily locks in place. Every piece is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Personal Review of the Fiskars 14 foot Pole Pruner

One of my buddies picked up this pruning tool in February so he could trim two trees on the side of his house before spring arrived. I recommended him getting this manual saw because the two trees are his only trees and this will work perfectly for him for now and in the future. 

One tree is fairly young and has grown quickly while the older tree has needed to be cut back for some time. It worked perfectly on both. The power-lever really did its job and helped him lop off everything on the younger tree from small twigs to several limbs that measured an inch after he got them on the ground. He was able to cut off all of them with only one pull on the rope each time; very smooth operation.

The Woodzig pruning saw is a great piece of steel. It went quickly through limbs on the older tree with a minimum of effort on his part. It’s secured tightly to the pole and barely wobbled even when it is fully extended. That’s really important when you’re working over your head and almost straight up. So is the fact that it weighs less than five and a half pounds. This Fiskars Pruner has become a “go-to” tool for all of his tree work and he says he will certainly recommend the Fiskars Tree Pruner to anyone looking for a new manual pole saw.

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