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Get the Scoop on the Top Rated Electric Pole Saws

When you set out to landscape your yard and you also need to trim the trees in it, you might have to cut branches that are out of your reach.

So, in order to do this job effectively, you’ll need an electric pole saw. Electric pole saws are small chainsaws which are attached to a pole. They have a trigger on the handle near the bottom of the pole so you can start it up. Pole saws are quite useful and helpful for things that are higher up, but make sure you know how to use them carefully and how to handle them correctly to keep safe.

These types of pole saws need to be plugged in in order to use them, however they last longer and have a longer life than most battery-operated or gas pole saws. Also, many people do not like the fumes of the gas saws. This is the main reason why people prefer them over other types. Even though you do need to be careful about the cord, as long as you plan out what you are doing ahead of time, you can easily do whatever job you need to do safely and efficiently.

Remington RM1015SPS Branch Wizard Pro Ten-Inch Two-in-One Electric Pole Saw


Remington Branch Wizard Chain & Pole Saw

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This saw great for just about anyone, as it is easy to operate and lightweight. The chain and ten inch bar are great for trimming smaller to medium sized branches. The motor, on the Remington RM1015SPS is eight AMPs, carries plenty of power and has an option to quickly convert the pole saw to a chainsaw. When it is attached to the ten foot telescoping pole, this saw you can get those high and hard to reach branches and tree limbs trimmed up easily.'

This aluminum pole gives you extra strength, plus of course in improved reach. It is secured into place easily with flip and lock clamps. It has an instant start feature, plus an electric eight amp motor which will power through branches, and it has a low kickback ten inch bar and chain. In this way, you can work like a pruning machine and when you are done take down the branches from up above. The pole will disconnect right away from the chainsaw, so you can slice down branches to just the right size.

SunJoe SWJ800E Electric Pole Chainsaw


SunJoe SWJ800E Electric Pole Saw

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This pole saw will help you to get that manicured garden you want. It comes with a six and a half AMP motor which can tackle some of the toughest jobs, and also features an eight inch Oregon bar and chain which has a mechanism that automatically changes tension on its own. The SunJoe chain pole has the ability to extend more than eight feet, giving you that extra reach you need without having to climb up on a ladder. It also has an oil tank capacity of 80 ml with a window so you can see how high the oil level is. It is fully inspected, and comes with a two year, full warranty.

How They Compare

Both of these electric pole saws have some great qualities and reviews from people who have purchased them. Customers were very pleased with how well made the Remington saw is and how much torque it has, being able to cut through some big branches on an old oak tree. They also marveled in how it worked each and every time you pulled the trigger without fail. With the two-in-one feature, it is easy to detach the pole and turn it into a regular chainsaw so you can chop up all the trimmed branches into small enough pieces so that the city will pick them up.

The lightweight and powerful SunJoe saw also got many great reviews, with people really appreciating how easy it was to handle and that they could now trim the branches they needed to without having to climb a ladder. The initial assembly was easy, and customers say that using this saw is simple as well. People did have issues with the oil on this saw running out too quickly and the oil always running down the pole.

Between these two quality electric pole saws, the Remington certainly saw more positive reviews than the SunJoe overall. The fact that the Remington has a convertible feature really makes it much more versatile, and it is also a bit more powerful than the SunJoe.

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