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What is the Best Battery Powered Pole Saw?

 What is the Best Battery Powered Pole Saw

There are different types of pole saws that are available on the market to purchase for your trimming and gardening needs. These long saws originally started out as a way to cut limbs off trees but has recently made its way into the world of lawn and garden.

There are electric, gas and battery powered pole saws for trimming bushes, trees or hedges. These pole saws were not made to tackle big jobs like the larger tree branches, but were made solely for trimming purposes. However, most branches can be cut depending on the diameter.

The Battery Powered Pole Saw

Battery powered pole saws are powered by a battery which is rechargeable, and they generally last about an hour before needing to be recharged. When you are looking for the best battery powered pole saw, look for one that has a Lithium-Ion battery, rather than a Ni-Cad battery. The Lithium-Ion will give you a better performance, will have a longer life and the performance will not be lacking as the charge of the battery goes down.

People like these types of pole saws because for one, they are very low maintenance. The only real servicing it needs is chain sharpening, and this is a huge advantage over other models which are gas-powered. The convenience of these cordless and rechargeable pole saws let you use them anywhere you need. Due to the battery power however, they are less powerful than the other branch trimmers available.


Black & Decker LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

Black & Decker NPP2018 Saw

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Easily tidy up your lawn and garden with this cordless Black and Decker LPP120 cordless pole pruning saw. This thing has all the power you will need to cut down some big branches.

This saw features an eighteen volt battery for a hassle-free, push of a trigger start. It features an in-line power head which lets you have easy visibility and access between branches. The center section extends out to a useable length of 6 ½ inches or 10 inches, plus 14 inches for an overhead reach. The cutting bar which is 8 inches long, combined with the chain, cuts through branches which are up to 6 inches in diameter. It also comes apart for easy transport. It weighs just seven and a half pounds, making it easy to carry around your yard and do all the trimming you need.


GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Polesaw

Greenworks Gmax Pole-Saw Battery Operated 

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This cordless pole saw will help you to make quick work of all your trim work in your yard. It comes equipped with a high performance G-MAX forty volt Lithium-Ion battery which delivers power that is fade-free and no memory loss after it goes through a charging period. The three piece aluminum shaft can be extended out to eight feet and collapse down to five feet for a cutting reach that is versatile.

This saw also includes a hefty eight inch steel bar, and a chain that has tool-less chain tensioning, giving you more ease of use, while still giving you cutting performance of the highest quality. The chain pitch of 3/8 inch gives you enough capability to get the limbs trimmed and cut with minimal kickback, plus the automatic oiler puts oil on the bar and the chain when needed to make sure it remains durable. Plus, you’ll get optimal use with the translucent oil tank that clearly gives you a view of the level of oil left.

Which one is the Best Battery Powered Pole Saw?

Both of these saws have seen many good reviews from customers and feature many good qualities. Consumers loved the fact that the Black and Decker saw was easy to operate and also easily taken apart for transportation in the heavy duty carrying bag that is included. The operation of this saw is smooth and quiet, and the saw works quite well for pruning branches and limbs up to six inches in diameter. This saw is efficient, and consumers felt that the construction was very well done and that the saw could last for many years.

Some users of the Black and Decker saw noted that the cuts it made were rough like a chainsaw, and that since it only came with one battery, that you could get left in mid-cut, so a secondary battery was highly recommended.

Users of the GreenWorks saw noted how well made it was as well, plus they liked the fact that it was not too heavy. They also commented on how well this saw cuts, and that it can handle some tougher jobs. The battery charges back up fairly quickly so you can get back to work and reviewers of this saw felt it was very worth their money.

With all of its great features and the fact that the GreenWorks saw also has a four year warranty and phenomenal customer service, this definitely seems to be the best battery powered pole saw that is available on the market.


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